Argentina vs Australia match, on 12-03-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mondial Stadium captures the attention of fans of the round witch, with the beat of nine in the evening, as an exciting match between the national teams, Argentina and Australia, begins in the 16th round of the Qatar World Cup 2022, where tango dancers aspire to continue crawling towards the title, by crossing Australian Kangaroo in the face of the day.

The date of the Argentina vs Australia match and the carrier channels

The Argentina match against Australia will take place at exactly nine o’clock in the evening today, Saturday, as part of the round of 16 competitions in the Qatar World Cup 2022, to be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 3 Max, beIN Sports HD 1 Max, and beIN Sports HD 5 Max.

The Argentine national team qualified for this role after an exciting scenario in the group stage, where it suffered a surprising defeat in the first round with two goals to one against Saudi Arabia, before winning the second round with two clean goals over Mexico, then defeated Poland in the last round with the same result to win 6 points and leads his group.

While the Australian national team qualified for the round of 16, after achieving a surprise in its group, where it suffered a heavy defeat against France in the first round by four goals to one, then beat Tunisia with difficulty in the second round with a clean goal, before beating Denmark in the last match with a clean goal as well and qualifying In second place in its group with 6 points, behind France, the leader.

Argentina participated in the World Cup 18 times in its history, and was absent from the international tournament only 4 times in the years: 1938, 1950, 1954, and 1970. Argentina is one of the 3 South American countries that won the title, along with Brazil (5) and Uruguay (2). By winning the 1978 and 1986 World Cups.

On the other hand, the Australian national team participated three times before in the World Cup finals, and this participation is the fourth for the Kangaroo team, as their participation in 2010 in South Africa was the first since joining the AFC family, and on the other hand, the previous two participations were in 1974 in West Germany and 2006 in Germany as a qualifying team for Oceania.

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