Game Manchester United vs Arsenal in the English Premier League

Manchester United will host Arsenal at 5:30 pm today, Sunday, at Old Trafford, in the sixth round of the English Premier League.

The date of the match between Manchester United and Arsenal in the English Premier League 2022-23 and the carrier channels

Arsenal leads the English Premier League table with 15 points, while Manchester United comes in fifth with 9 points.

The Arsenal team, under the leadership of its young coach, Mikel Arteta, is providing an exceptional start that we have not been accustomed to from the Gunners for years, achieving a series of impressive results with the start of the Premier League this 2022-2023 season.

Arsenal played 5 matches in the English Premier League, and managed to achieve the full mark by gaining 15 points, and are competing strongly for the English Premier League title for the first time in years.

Arsenal will miss the Egyptian international Mohamed Elneny against Manchester United after injuring his hamstring, according to English reports recently, and his absence for a long time from the Gunners.

On the other hand, Manchester United enters its match against Arsenal, armed with the ground factors and the public, in order to snatch the match points and continue to advance in the English Premier League table.

After a negative start with the loss of the first two matches in the English Premier League, Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag managed the matter, and succeeded in returning the team and achieving 3 consecutive victories in the Premier League, the last of which was the victory over Leicester City with a clean goal in the fifth round.

Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag is looking forward to continuing his march towards the top of the English Premier League, in order to compensate for the two painful losses at the start of the tournament.

On facing United, Arteta said, "When you look at Manchester United and the players who have been signed by the club and the amounts that were paid, I am not surprised, they will win many games and the history of United tells you that it will happen."

Erik Ten Hag praised Arsenal's performance this season in the Premier League, saying: "Arsenal are a strong opponent. The season has started really well, and you can see that the players have spent a lot of time together, and they have a coach who brings his philosophy, so it's a good test for us." . 

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